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2006 Workflow Handbook Print Edition

2006 Workflow Handbook Print Edition

2006 Workflow Handbook PRINT Edition

Methods, Concepts, Case Studies and Standards
in Business Process Management and Workflow

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Quality hardcover. 320 pages. 
US $95.00 Retail.
Size: 7" x 10"
ISBN 10: 0-9777527-0-4
ISBN13: 978-0977752706

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Welcome to the Workflow Handbook 2006. This edition offers you three sections:

SECTION 1: World of Workflow and BPM covers a wide spectrum of viewpoints and discussions by experts in their respective fields. Papers range putting Business Process Management in context for non-technical readers, case studies on manufacturing and healthcare through to Web Services workflow architectures with special spotlight on BPM and workflow in Greater China.

SECTION 2: Standards deals with the importance of interoperability of standards, including technical instructions on Integrating Process Interchange (XPDL) and BPMN, and a chapter on Programming in XPDL.

SECTION 3: Directory and Appendices—an explanation of the structure of the Workflow Management Coalition and references comprise the last section including a membership directory.


Putting BPM in Context: Now and in the Future Pyke, WfMC Chair, United Kingdom
This paper looks at the various technologies that make up the burgeoning Business Process Management (BPM) market and explores the impact that new methods of deployment and design will have on products and how those changes could affect end users. The paper also provides non-technical readers with a better understanding of what the all encompassing term “Business Process Management” means by explaining several BPM-related terms in detail.

Table of Contents

Jon Pyke, Chair WfMC

Introduction (read short abstracts of each chapter)
Layna Fischer, Executive Director, Workflow Management Coalition, United States


BPM in Context: Now and in the Future p17

Jon Pyke, WfMC Chair, United Kingdom

Practical Lessons in Managing Real BPM Innovation p29

Fred van Leeuwen, DCE Consultants, Netherlands

Workflow—the Compliance Project Engine  p33

Arnaud Bezancon, Advantys, France

Business Process Management for Six Sigma Projects p41

Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, Pegasystems Inc., USA

Employing Workflow to Drive a Comprehensive Audit of Enterprise Identity Management p51

Rami Elron, BMC Software, Israel

Using BPM to Manage Risks in Financial Services Firms p67

Sheila Donohue, CRIF Decision Solutions, Italy

Exception-Based Dynamic Service Coordination Framework for Web Services p81

Dr. Dongsoo Han and Sungjoon Park, Information and Communications University, Korea

Applying Knowledge Management to Exploit the Potential of Information Stored in a Business Process Management System (BPMS) p97

Juan J. Moreno, Lithium Software/ Universidad Católica Uruguay; Luis Joyanes, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain

Use and Discard of Workflow Systems   p120

Tadeu Cruz, TRCR Knowledge, Brazil

A Workflow Implementation Supporting the Commercial Ship Design Process p121

Ole Christian Astrup and Espen Wøien, DNV Software, Korea

Bridging Paper and Digital Workflows (A Case Study) p133

Steve Rotter, Adobe Systems Inc. USA

The Possibility and Reality of Massively Parallel Workflow Implementations (A Case Study) p139

Kevin Erickson, Noridian Administrative Services, LLC. USA and Michael Hurley, Green Square, Inc. USA

Growth in Business Process Management Suites in Greater China p145

Linus K. Chow, HandySoft USA; Charles Choy Wing-Chiu and Carrine Wong, Hong Kong.

The Keys to BPM Project Success   p157

Derek Miers, Enix Consulting Ltd., United Kingdom


XPDL 2.0: Integrating Process Interchange and BPMN  p183

Robert M. Shapiro, Global 360, USA

Programming in XPDL  p195

Saša Bojanić, Vladimir Puškaš, Zoran Milaković, Together Teamlösungen, Austria

From BPMN Directly To Implementation-The Graphical Way p205

Heinz Lienhard and Bruno Bütler, ivyTeam-SORECOGroup, Switzerland

Workflow Mining: Definitions, Techniques, and Future Directions p213

Clarence A. Ellis, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA; Kwang-Hoon Kim, Kyonggi University, Korea; Aubrey J. Rembert, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Business Integration using State Based Asynchronous Services  p229

Alan McNamara, Badja Consulting and Dr. M. Ali Chishti, Defence Housing Authority, Australia

Toward Workflow Block Activity Patterns for Reuse in Workflow Design p245

Lucinéia Heloisa Thom, Cirano Iochpe; Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; Vinícius Amaral, Daniel Viero, iProcess, Brazil

Using Process Execution Data in Application Support p257

Udhai Reddy, Infosys Technologies, India

Constructing a Workflow Application System to Conduct CMMI Processes in Software Development Teams p265

Dr. Yang Chi-Tsai, Flowring, Taiwan

WfMC Structure and Membership Information   

Appendix—Membership Directory                    

Appendix-Officers and Fellows                         

Appendix—Author Biographies                          


Other Resources       


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